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Global Child Care Consultants mission is to provide exceptional learning experiences that will enhance child care providers knowledge, thereby, ensuring the best care and education to infants, toddlers and children.



Global Child Care Consultants are engineered to create knowledgeable, creative and highly qualified educators that will successfully mold the child whom she has been entrusted.  Our services provide quality comprehensive customized professional development designed to your specific needs.  We also offer Director's Training certification.


Dr. Claudine L. Simpson (trainer #1477) is the founder and CEO of Global Child Care Consultants, an organization that places education on the fore front of the child care industry.  Dr. Simpson has been an experienced educator in excess of 20+ years as a Child Care Consultant, Child Care Health Consultant, Pediatric Teacher, Educational Counselor-Liaison, Assistant Principal and Special Education Administrator.  



Global Child Care Consultants is staffed with Master Level registered trainers that are knowledgeable about all aspects of early childhood in the 20th century.  Our consultants must meet the state of Texas standards to work with our firm.

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